CUSTOMER SERVICE - We care about our clients. Our friendly, helpful counter staff and knowledgeable piercers guide you calmly through every step of your piercing experience. After your piercing, we are available throughout the healing process for any questions or concerns that you may have. We will provide you with verbal and written suggestions for the care of your piercing and offer the products you will need to clean your piercing. We give you the tools to successfully heal your new piercing and are happy to assist you along the way.


 We are licensed by SCDHEC. We have our sterilization equipment independently monitored by an outside lab to ensure your safety. We use single-use, sterilized needles and sterile gloves for every procedure. Our studio is completely latex-free. Our employees have undergone training in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Control and Red Cross First Aid/CPR. Our first priority is YOUR safety.


 We provide a relaxed, professional setting with friendly and helpful staff to make sure that all of our customers feel welcome and comfortable. We offer free consultations and piercing assessments to those with piercings, and to those who are just thinking about it. We encourage you to visit us to take a tour of the studio or to speak with a piercer. You will always find us happy to answer questions and to share information. Helping to educate the public on safe piercing practices is very important to us.


Our piercer training exceeds state requirements, and includes training in numerous areas, including: Anatomy, Wound Care, Piercing Techniques and Bedside Manner. Our piercers have training in advanced piercing techniques, including genital and surface piercings. What more piercer training means for you is the fastest, cleanest and most gentle piercing possible. A well trained, qualified piercer can ensure that your piercing experience is a calm and rewarding one