Frequently Asked Questions



Does it hurt? 

We always imagine the worst when facing the unknown, but when it comes to piercings the anticipation is always the most painful part. The piercings themselves are often surprisingly easy... a quick pinch lasting less than a second, sometimes accompanied by a sensation of warmth in the area that has been pierced. Our piercers are skilled professionals with years of experience, they will walk you calmly through the procedure, making certain that you have a pleasant and rewarding piercing experience. 

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on the piercing and jewelry you choose. For most piercings, we stock many different jewelry options. Because of this, it's impossible to list all of the possible combinations/pricing. We encourage you to contact us on the phone, or online, for more detailed pricing information. This allows us to get an idea of the style/look you're searching for, which lets us give you more accurate information about pricing.

When you get a pricing quote from us, it will always include both the piercing and implant-grade jewelry. Because of the risks that can be involved in getting pierced, it's best to avoid "bargain hunting" and focus instead on the safety and quality of work that a studio offers. There's nothing wrong with comparison shopping, but it's important to compare many other things in addition to pricing. 


Is there anything I should do to prepare?

The best way to prepare for a piercing is simply to take good care of yourself ! Eat well, drink lots of water, get enough sleep... that sort of thing. It's always a good idea to eat a meal an hour or two before getting pierced and you'll need to make sure that you bring your ID with you. Aside from that, there is no special preparation required.

What if I have a latex or nickel allergy! 

Latex allergy -  Our studio has been latex-free since we opened. We use nitrile gloves, and stock only latex-free supplies. 

Nickel allergy - We have nickel-free options for every piercing that we offer. Both our implant-grade Titanium and 18k Gold are completely nickel-free. 

How is the piercing done?

Our piercers are trained in a variety of techniques. Which technique your piercer chooses to use when performing your piercing is determined by many different factors. We trust in our piercers to use their training and experience to choose the technique that is going to result in you receiving a beautiful, safe, and accurate piercing. Regardless of the the particular technique used, there is always one thing that never changes.... our piercers will calmly walk you through everything to ensure that your piercing experience is a positive one. 

Where can I find new jewelry when my piercing has healed?

Right here at Immaculate!  Not only do we carry a large selection of high quality jewelry for healed piercings, but we are the best equipped to ensure that your jewelry is the right size and fit for your piercing!  Options run from implant-grade steel and titanium to 18k and 14k Gold, from glass and stone to wood and other organics. If you are looking for a unique or custom piece of jewelry, we take special orders at no additional cost. We are also the only studio in SC that specializes in fine jeweler-quality pieces for navel piercings: including 14k and 18k Gold, Platinum, genuine or synthetic stones and custom settings.